It’s Not Just a LOW PRICE!!

As we prepare vehicles to be offered for sale every day, our main concern will always be that when you arrive at our Dealership to test drive a vehicle, It will meet or exceed your expectations. We believe that quality should never be traded in for a lower price. That’s why we insist on both Low Price & High Quality.

Oil and Filter Change, Alignment, Brake Pads/shoe replaced if below  50% thickness, Rotors resurfaced or replaced, CV Joints (Axles) replaced if worn or damaged, Tires Balanced and Rotated.   

If we have missed one of the above regular maintenance items. please DEMAND IT!!! and it will be completed free of charge before you drive off the lot.

Mercedes and BMW Rotors are offered at $130 each if needed. 

Also Mercedes and BMW Fluids replacement are not included

Mercedes and BMW brake pads are replaced free of charge if the vehicle needs brake pads 

If the vehicle you planning on purchasing needs tires, tires will be offered at dealer cost.  
Worried about repairs in the future? No problem!!

Buy your vehicle Certified* with extended Factory Type coverage.

Our extended service program is affordable and provides peace of mind for years to come. 
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Mechanical Quality 






*Certified= At the time dealer issues the extended service contract, the vehicle should not have any pre existing mechanical defects that disqualify coverage under extended warranty for items that are covered.

Legal Disclaimer: The above repairs may have not been completed on every vehicle as some vehicles may not require such repairs . The courtesy inspection completed by selling dealer prior to offering the vehicle for sale solely implies that inspected items appeared to be in good working condition at the time the inspection was performed by dealer. Such inspection does not constitute any promise of warranty or guarantee for the vehicle sold and does not guarantee that such items will not fail in the future after the inspection is completed. Extended service contract is available for an additional price to cover vehicle break downs in the future, additional terms are listed on your purchase agreement. Buyer is responsible for testing and test driving the vehicle before the purchase. Any information on this specific page MAY NOT be considered as a  promise of warranty or as a statement about the condition or history of a used vehicle.  Any information on this entire website including this page may be reliable but not  guaranteed. There is no such thing as a perfect used car, any used vehicle may contain paint chips, small or large dents, surface scratches, wear and tear or any existing or repaired defects.